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5 Meal Prep Tips

When it comes to meal prepping, it might feel overwhelming between trying to decide what to make and to how to store it all. Whether you're trying to cut back time spent in the kitchen during the week, eating on the fly, or just trying to eat healthier, here are five things I like to keep in mind as I reap the benefits of a successful and healthy meal prep.

1-Keep it simple

There’s nothing worse than spending hours slaving away to make a meal that is devoured in less than a minute. Keep ingredients simple and try to keep your food lean, fresh, and easy to cook. Frozen veggies in steamable pouches are great to keep on hand for meal prepping. All my meals are a combination of lean protein, a carb source, and veggies.

2-Make extra food

Any meal you cook can easily be turned into meal prep. Just make enough food for 2-3x more than what you would normally consume at a meal. Leftovers from a healthy dinner can be divided into single servings and stored for use throughout the week.


You can find containers at Walmart or on Amazon. There are plenty of options to choose from. Find something that gets you excited to store your food and is easy to clean.

Linked here are my favorite containers and labels.

4-Have fun with it

Food knows no bounds, so why should you? Get creative and find a way to enjoy making your food ahead of time. If you’re always looking forward to meal prep day, you’ll be more likely to prepare and eat the food.


Meal prep does take a little bit of planning. Take 30 minutes out of your week to sit down, find EASY recipes, and get an ingredient list made. Use online ordering or grocery pick up to ensure you don’t forget anything at the store. Try browsing these sites for some delicious recipes to get you started:

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